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    Keje Thermoweld Equipment, leading Electrical Upsetting Machine manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Delhi. An electrical upsetting machine is a machine that uses resistance heating to increase the diameter of a metal rod or bar. It is a versatile machine that can be used to produce a variety of shapes, such as beads, bulbs, and flanges.

    Our Electrical Upsetting Machine is engineered for precision and versatility. Whether you’re in the business of forging bolts, screws, or other metal components, our machine offers unmatched control over the upsetting process, ensuring consistent results with tight tolerances.

    Powered by advanced electrical and hydraulic systems, our Upsetting Machine is designed to meet your specific manufacturing needs. With a commitment to quality and reliability

    What is Electrical Upsetting Machine?

    An electrical upsetting machine is a machine that uses resistance heating to increase the diameter of a metal rod or bar. The heat is generated by an electric current passing through the metal, and the pressure is applied by the machine's electrodes.

    The electrical upsetting machine is typically used to produce small parts, such as valve stems, bolt heads, and control rods. It can also be used to produce larger parts, such as engine crankshafts and connecting rods.

    How Does An Electrical Upsetting Machine Work?

    The electrical upsetting machine works by passing an electric current through the metal rod or bar. The current creates a heat that melts the metal at the point of contact. The pressure of the machine's electrodes then forces the molten metal to flow outward, increasing the diameter of the rod or bar.

    The amount of current and pressure used in the electrical upsetting process depends on the thickness of the metal being upset, the desired diameter, and the speed of the upsetting process.

    Factors to consider when choosing an electrical upsetting machine

    There are several factors to consider when choosing an electrical upsetting machine, including:

    • The size and shape of the parts you will be upsetting
    • The production volume you need
    • Your budget
    • The features you need, such as automatic features or a digital display
    • How to use an electrical upsetting machine

    To use an electrical upsetting machine, you will need to

    • Clamp the metal rod or bar in the machine's fixture.
    • Adjust the machine's settings, such as the current and pressure.
    • Position the machine's electrodes over the metal rod or bar.
    • Start the upsetting process.
    • Hold the machine's electrodes in place until the upsetting is complete.
    • Safety precautions

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