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    Multi Spot Welder



    Lot of Automobile components , Engineering hardware, white goods require to be spot welded.

    Multi spot welding machine is a composite technology machine to achieve higher production.

    One of the methods employ common transformer and welding in sequence one after another spot welding. It helps restrict connected power load.

    Similarly a higher transformer capacity is installed and no. of spot welding takes place simultaneously to further boost the production.

    The cage welding machine is one of the application in enviro industry to manufacturer wire filters(cages)

    It consists of feeding the , straight wires into the wire holders, wire rings (predetermined quantity) are placed in the centre limb.

    Initiating the cycle makes pair of electrode come down and weld two joints at a time. In sequence all the joints are welded. The power source (transformer) of smaller capacity (usually 30/ 50 KVA) is installed.

    The auto function makes cage more out by predetermined pitch by pneumatic cylinder.




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