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    We are the manufacturer, supplier of state-of-the-art spot cum projection welding machine/equipment in chennai. We specialize in providing top-tier welding solutions to fit your industrial needs, and we have a history of innovation and accuracy. Our spot cum projection welding machines are expertly developed to ensure accurate and effective material joining that is seamless.

    A sophisticated welding tool known as a Spot Cum Projection Welding Machine combines projection and spot welding capabilities into a single machine.

    Our equipment provide unsurpassed adaptability and dependability, whether you need spot welding, projection welding, or a mix of the two. We take great pleasure in our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. With spot cum projection welding devices from Keje Thermoweld, explore the future of welding technology. Call us right away to learn more.

    Latest Features

    • Dual Welding Functions: It can perform both spot welding and projection welding, allowing for a wide range of applications. Spot welding is ideal for joining two sheets of metal, while projection welding is used for welding studs, nuts, or other protrusions to metal workpieces.
    • Precision Welding: This machine offers precise control over the welding process, ensuring uniform and reliable welds. It is suitable for applications where weld quality and accuracy are crucial.
    • Versatile Electrode Design: Our machine is equipped with electrodes designed for spot and projection welding, making it adaptable to various project requirements. Different electrode shapes and sizes can be used to achieve specific welding configurations.
    • Efficient Production: With its ability to switch between spot and projection welding, this machine enhances production efficiency by reducing the need for multiple welding setups. It minimizes downtime and increases throughput.
    • Enhanced Strength: The combination of spot and projection welding capabilities provides versatility in meeting different welding strength requirements.

    Spot Cum Projection Welding Machines are valuable assets in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where a combination of spot and projection welding techniques is required to meet diverse welding needs.


    1. What is spot cum projection welding?

    Spot cum projection welding combines spot welding and projection welding techniques, allowing for both localized and extended welding points on a workpiece.

    2. What materials can be welded using this machine?

    Spot cum projection welding machines are versatile and can weld various materials, including metals like steel, aluminum, and copper.

    3. How does this machine ensure precise welding?

    Our machines use advanced control systems to precisely control welding parameters like current, time, and pressure, ensuring consistent and accurate welds.

    4. What industries benefit from spot cum projection welding?

    Automotive, aerospace, and appliance manufacturing industries often use these machines for applications requiring strong and reliable welds in various components.

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