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    Delhi-based manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of spot cum projection welding equipment.With a reputation for expertise, we specialize in creating cutting-edge Resistance Welding Systems in Delhi that are tailored to meet your unique requirements.

    Our group of highly qualified engineers and technicians is dedicated to providing high-performance solutions that guarantee accuracy, effectiveness, and economy in your welding processes.

    The most recent technological developments are incorporated into our Resistance Welding SPMs to maximize output, decrease downtime, and improve product quality. To discuss your project requirements and learn how we can improve your welding processes, contact us right now.


    Resistance Welding SPMs (Special Purpose Machines) are specialized equipment designed for resistance welding processes in industrial applications. Resistance welding is a joining technique that uses the resistance to electric current flow at the interface of two materials to create a weld.

    How to use Resistance Welding SPMs?

    • Set Up: Begin by configuring the machine for your specific welding application. This may involve adjusting parameters such as welding current, electrode pressure, and weld duration.
    • Material Preparation: Ensure that the materials to be welded are properly cleaned and aligned for welding. Proper preparation is crucial for achieving strong welds.
    • Welding Process: Place the materials between the welding electrodes, and initiate the welding process. The machine will pass a high electrical current through the materials, causing them to heat up at the contact point and form a weld.
    • Monitoring: During the welding process, monitor the machine for any irregularities and ensure that the desired welding parameters are maintained.
    • Post-Weld Inspection: After welding, inspect the quality of the weld to ensure it meets the required standards.

    Industrial Applications

    • Automotive Industry: Resistance welding is widely used for joining automotive components like body panels, exhaust systems, and wire harnesses.
    • Aerospace Industry: SPMs are used to weld components for aircraft and spacecraft, including structural elements and fuel tanks.
    • Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing: Resistance welding is used for connecting wires, terminals, and other electrical components.
    • Construction Industry: Welding of steel and other structural materials for construction purposes.
    • Appliance Manufacturing: Resistance welding is employed in the production of household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines.
    • Furniture Manufacturing: Welding of metal components in furniture production.

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